About Me

history marker selfie

My name is Michael Janakis, MLIS. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences in December 2013. I completed my BA Liberal Arts at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland in May 2012. St. John’s is a Great Books school, where we studied the Classical Liberal Arts through the Great Books of Western Civilization. Our credit load at another college would have been equivalent to a double major in Philosophy and History of Mathematics & Science, with minors in Classics and Comparative Literature. My Senior Essay, entitled “Why Are Flowers Beautiful?” was on Goethe’s “Metamorphosis of Plants”.

Professionally, I am interested in library advocacy, genealogy, local history, research, and instruction.

I have a passion for books, reading, archives, classical history, Pittsburgh history, paleography, and manuscripts (especially illuminated).  I also speak German. I come from an old Pittsburgh family (from the 1860s at earliest), and grew up listening to stories about Pittsburgh “back in the day”.

Please feel free to contact me about these topics and other issues related to Library and Information Science.



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